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Benefits of agile change management

All elements of your business or organisation will reap the benefits of agile change management.

In the face of rapid and unrelenting change, organisational agility becomes a fundamental pillar that guides the change management process. An agile organisation can take advantage of both internal and external opportunities to build and secure market leadership in their sector and harness sustainable organisational efficiencies.

Internally this might be triggered by:
External triggers requiring changes to be implemented:

Maximising organisational opportunities

The one thing the above examples have in common is they all require people in organisations to do something differently. Either employees will need to change the way they work, or you need your customers, suppliers, or external stakeholders to engage in a different way. They all require changes in behaviour that are generally not chosen by the individual but seen to be imposed by the organisation.

The level of organisational agility present will determine how quickly the change can be made and embedded with maximum return on invest.

Can your business pivot quickly and efficiently or is it more like trying to turn the Titanic in the face of a looming iceberg?

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Implementing an agile change management approach

It makes sense that if you want to be an agile organisation then your approach to the people side of change also needs to be nimble.

Have a plan

You have an Organisational Change Management Strategy (or Plan) for building the capability of agility within your workforce and are prepared to invest time and money into this capability build.

Holistic Approach

Agile change management is applied to all change projects within the organisation, including training and support.

analyse progress

You can benchmark progress and adjust your approach according to the changes in the organisation and economic environment.

Organisations we have witnessed doing this well seek expert advice and guidance. They develop their agile change management strategy for the coming three-to-five-years. They make a commitment to apply resources to execute this plan over time. Most importantly they stay the course.

Whilst it might take three-to-five-years to achieve the desired maturity level of organisational agility, the benefits will emerge from the initial projects delivered where this strategy is applied. Like all worthwhile endeavours they start by taking the first step.


Building organisational agility

Organisational agility is not something that can be articulated in an organisational strategy and immediately adopted by the people within the organisation. It is something that needs to be purposely developed over time so that it becomes part of the organisational culture or ‘just the way we do things around here’.

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