Agile Change Solutions

Agile Change Solutions

What is Agile Change?

Have you ever wondered what agile change is?

Put simply, agile change is a strategic approach to change management.

Our team are pragmatic, flexible, and realistic about what’s possible within the organisational environment a project is being conducted. We do not promote or recommend a one-size-fits-all approach, and while we are experts in the Prosci methodology we have many tools in our tool kit, thus agile change.

what is agile change, Agile Change, Agile Change Solutions
what is agile change, Agile Change, Agile Change Solutions

An agile change management approach

‘The project drives the tool used; the tools do not drive the project’.

Through experience, we know that change management tools are useful for assessing the changing landscape, providing insight into the approach required, and the metrics to measure progress.

However, the nuggets of gold occur through conversations with not just the executive sponsor and the project team, but with stakeholders, organisational influencers and those impacted by the change being made. This could be your office-based or remote workers, and those out in the field. It may also mean conversations or workshops with customers or community groups.

When we provide change management resources, we mean real-world hands-on support and advice you can trust.

Building agile change within your organisation

We believe the best way to build organisational change agility is through experiencing change that is well-managed. It also relies on being educated about your role in the change process and supported in undertaking that role.

All managers and their employees impacted by change have a role to play. Providing role clarity and supporting your leaders and employees through the change process supports the effectiveness of the current project and builds change agility. Such clarity aids the speed at which you can deliver changes and increased benefit realisation on current and future change projects. This is especially relevant where you need people to change the way they do their job, where they work, or how customers or suppliers interact with your organisation.

What project methodologies do we work with?

Agile Change Solutions’ change management approach fits easily alongside all project management methodology, including Prince 2, Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile Project Management just to name a few.

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