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Case Studies

The case studies included here demonstrate the skill and experience the Agile Change Solutions team apply when supporting organisations to develop leadership and change management capabilities.

Agile Change case study, Case Studies, Agile Change Solutions

Effective people and change management processes are the key to achieving successful business outcomes, as is embedding organisational agility as a permanent daily operational mode. The benefits of applying an agile change management approach to organisational change are many and are relevant to all business, no matter the industry or specialist field.

Led by the highly skilled change management consultant Lenore Miller, the Agile Change Solutions team use their deep understanding of human behaviour to affect change. You are invited to read on to discover examples of how Agile Change Solutions has achieved lasting and effect organisational agility.

Agile Change case study, Case Studies, Agile Change Solutions
Local Government implements activity-based working

The Situation The council was planning to undertake major change projects and Implements Activity-Based Working, including the relocation of 400 staff members to a new office, requiring the relocation of three existing sites into one office. This move was also...

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