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Organisational Change Management

Organisational Change Management, Organisational Change Management, Agile Change Solutions

What is organisational change management?

Organisational change management prepares and supports individuals, teams, leaders, customers, suppliers and even your broader community transition to new ways of doing things.

It’s a framework and set of tools, used to measure the organisations change readiness so that an appropriate approach can be applied to best assist them make the change from their current way of doing their work or engaging with your organisation, to the new way the organisation has decided is the way forward.

This could be a new way of working, new system, process, move to a new building, restructure or even a new organisational strategy, which can be highly disruptive to your business.

In fact, anytime you ask employees, customers, suppliers, or the community, to interact with you in a new way, it can be a risk. You can expend a lot of valuable resources without gaining the expected return if you don’t manage the people side of change.

Organisational change management can help ensure your transition to the new normal goes smoothly and realises the anticipated benefits.

What are the benefits of organisational change management?

Organisational change management reduces the risk that a new way of working, system or other change will be rejected by those you need to be engaging effectively with the change. By itself, it does not reduce costs or increase sales. Instead, it increases the teamwork required for the enterprise to accept the change and operate more efficiently.

A professional change manager works collaboratively as part of the project team, alongside the project manager, project sponsor, and product owner. Their responsibility is to focus on the people component of the change to ensure the change is both adopted and effectively embedded.

Organisational Change Management, Organisational Change Management, Agile Change Solutions

Why apply organisational management?

The benefits of applying a structured approach to the people side of change are many. Here are a few key measures:

Organisational Change Management, Organisational Change Management, Agile Change Solutions

Over time, applying organisational change management builds change capability throughout the organisation. Such capabilities include effective executive sponsorship, change leadership, change support networks, clear channels for two-way communication, and overall employee understanding of their role in the change process.

This built-in change capability enables the organisation to harness their market advantage using agility, implementing change projects at greater pace, with the potential to reduce costs and increase outcomes.

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